Where Do Most UK Expats Live in Cyprus?

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Cyprus has long been a popular destination for UK expatriates. With its welcoming atmosphere, favourable tax laws, and high standard of living, it’s no wonder that many Brits choose to make Cyprus their home away from home. But where do most UK expats choose to settle? Let’s explore some of the island’s property hotspots, along with how the team here at Luux Venture Group can point you in the direction of the best properties for sale in Cyprus.


Paphos is situated on the southwest coast of Cyprus, and it has long been a magnet for foreign buyers—including many from the UK. Its stunning beaches and vibrant expat community make it an ideal destination for those looking to relocate. The city offers a wide range of property options, from seafront villas to central apartments. The area also boasts excellent amenities, so you will be able to settle and enjoy all of the comforts you are used to.


Limassol is Cyprus’s second-largest city and is another popular choice for UK expats. Known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Limassol offers buyers a perfect blend of urban living and coastal charm. Expats are drawn to the city’s diverse property market, with options to suit a huge range of tastes and budgets. With its vibrant nightlife and excellent infrastructure, Limassol appeals to those who are looking for a little excitement upon their move.


Larnaca is located on the island’s southeastern coast and is gaining popularity among UK expats looking to get away from it all and enjoy a slower pace of life. The city boasts a beautiful promenade and picturesque beaches, and some of the most popular kinds of property are the apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With its close proximity to the island’s main international airport and affordable housing prices compared to other coastal cities, Larnaca offers an attractive alternative for expats looking for a slice of seaside heaven.

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We will not only help you find your dream property but also provide invaluable support throughout the buying process, from advising you on how far your budget will get you, to helping you with the paperwork and legal formalities. By working with us, you can streamline the purchasing process and minimise the risks associated with overseas investment, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Cyprus.

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Cyprus offers a wealth of opportunities for UK expats. Whatever you are looking for from your new home, there’s a property hotspot to suit every taste and lifestyle! By partnering with us to find a property, you will be able to make your dreams of starting a new life on this stunning island a reality.

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